Rustic French Cooking Techniques Guide the Menu at Green Pig Bistro

Green Pig Bistro is named for the chef’s area of expertise, in a way. The focus here is really on meat, especially rare cuts of it. Using rustic French cooking techniques, the chef transforms these lesser-known cuts of meat into approachable dishes, like buffalo pork ribs, fried chicken and biscuits, warm lobster with Hearts of Palm gratin dip—and those are just the appetizers.

When it comes to the main course, expect options like cavatelli tossed with hand-shaped Italian meatballs and cheesy mousse, smoked pork shoulder over butternut squash ravioli, and crispy pork belly paired with potato gnocchi. Beyond the pasta, entrees include the steak frites, a 10-ounce T-bone steak with hand-cut truffle fries and bearnaise sauce, and the center-cut French rack pork chop, paired with cheddar bread pudding. 

Dine-in, come inside to pick up your order, or call for curbside pickup.