Don’t Leave Bangkok 54 Oriental Market Without a Thai Iced Tea

Anyone else feel like they’ve spent their life savings on Thai takeout food over the past year? Well, if you’re looking to mix it up and try your hand at making your favorite dishes like pad Thai or drunken noodles, Bangkok 54 Oriental Food Market is where you should go to get all the ingredients. Plus, you’ll find some other gems during your visit, we’re sure of it.

This Thai market is actually attached to Bangkok 54, so you know that you’ll find the best ingredients, as they’re likely what the restaurant uses, too! You’ll find types of noodles you never knew existed, all the sauces and condiments, they even have an entire wall dedicated to different varieties of ramen if that’s your go-to lunch these days. You’ll also find produce and frozen items that you’ll need to make some signature Thai dishes properly.

Beyond the dry goods and frozen finds, they actually have a tiny little takeout eatery with some really tasty finds. On any given day you’ll find a variety of noodle soups and papaya salad. Don’t forget to try their Thai iced tea as well; it’s one of the best.